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To do list

  • Ways to access and transfer data (look at other labs and cores)

Things to consider for website:

  • Ways to access and transfer data (look at other labs and cores), maybe amazon buckets or other storage options

  • Full Services section? and then another page with abbr services & pricing (& deliverables together?)

  • on homepage, delete the "research" section

  • Do we want to have tiered packages? And specific offerings?

  • Do we want to have complete list of services on the homepage or just the main ones and link folks to a diff page

  • Revamp rates and deliverable page? Need more organized pricing/rates page somewhere

  • Change "Start a Project" page to "Project Timeline" page, where current info is the header and then below is that the rest of the timeline and workflow after consultation is finished

  • Edit images for "Equipment" page

  • Add to the FAQ section

  • For Policies page, make sure there is a disclaimer/ terms and conditions that the collaborator must agree to. Send along with quote after consultation. similar to

BWH's IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS: (Must read and accept prior to use of core) . In the event of unsuccessful cell capture due to poor sample quality, the investigator will be billed for reagents and labor cost associated with running the sample, but not for any subsequent sequencing or analysis.
  • Policy on Data Storage and Storage of Analysis files


Primary Areas of Interest

Cell Culture

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Gene Sequencing

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Gene Transcription Enhancers


Key Publications

Submitted and Published Papers

Article in an Academic Journal

Chemistry Class

Publication of Latest Findings

Science Student

Award-Winning Paper

Plant Biologist
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