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Spatial Biology


We are proud to offer the following spatial biology services:

In Situ Profiling

10X Genomics Xenium (Coming Q4 2023)

  • Off-the-shelf panels of 350-400 target genes

  • Customizable add-on panels of 50-100 genes

  • Co-stain with H&E and immunofluorescence

  • 1cm x 2cm imaging area per slide

  • mouse and human panels

Spatial Transcriptomics

10X Genomics Visium FFPE

  • Whole-transcriptome analysis

  • 6mm x 6mm tissue sections, 4 per slide

  • 100um center-to-center spot resolution

  • Co-stain with H&E or immunofluorescence

  • mouse and human panels

10X Genomics Visium CytAssist

  • Transfer existing, imaged slide sections to Visium

  • No need to cutting & sectioning

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