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10X Genomics Chromium X

Uses microfluidic chips to capture cells for droplet based single cell genomics assays from 10x Genomics. Captures up to 10,000 cells per sample on up to 8 samples per 20 minute run with standard chemistry or 20,000 cells per sample on up to 16 samples per 20 minute run with HT chemistry. Or multiplex fixed cells up to 16 samples of 8,000 cells each with Flex chemistry.


10X Genomics Xenium Analyzer

Analyze 100s to 1000s of genes in both premade and custom panels at subcellular resolution. 


10X Genomics Visium CytAssist

Allows whole transcriptome probe based spatial transcriptomics on Fresh Frozen or FFPE blocks or existing slides paired with H&E and or IF in 6.5 x 6.5 mm or 11 x 11 mm Visium Capture Areas. 


Sony SH800 Sorter

FACS sorter, capable of 6-color indexed sorting and collection in tubes, 96-well, or 384-well plates.
Fluor picking chart


Countess II FL Automated Cell Counter

Countess II FL Automated Cell Counter
Automated Cell Counter compatible with brightfield based viability dyes (eg. Trypan Blue) and fluorescent dyes using the Texas Red, GFP and DAPI light cubes


NextSeq 2000

The CSHL NGS Core offers Illumina Sequencing on the NextSeq 2000 platform with P2 flowcells (~500 Million reads) or P3 flowcells (~1 Billion reads)

Illumina NextSeq 500 and MiSeq is also available.


Long Read Sequencing 

The CSHL NGS Core offers long read sequencing with the Oxford Nanopore PromethION and MinION and PacBio Sequel II sequencing on whole transcriptome libraries or target enriched libraries. 


Agilent TapeStation 4150

cDNA and final libraries are evaluated by Agilent 415TapeStation before sequencing is performed to ensure samples are of high quality.

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