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Scheduling and Equipment Usage Policy

  • Core may refuse or charge late fees for samples that arrive after 3pm or more than an hour after the agreed upon experiment start time

  • We do not offer unassisted use of the sorter or Chromium 

    • For projects that require off-hours work, contact the Core director to make special arrangements

  • We reserve the right to proceed with or abort an experiment/samples at user’s risk if they can’t be contacted. We recommend users make a plan with the Core about minimum sample quality needed to proceed at each stage.

Cancellation Policy

  • No charge for cancellation of a 10X Genomics experiment before instrument is loaded.

  • Users may be charged the sorter setup fee in the event of a last-minute cancellation.

Financial Responsibility Policy

  • The Core will cover the cost of microfluidic chip failures during the course of the 10x Genomics library preparation.

  • The user is financially responsible for all costs associated with samples run against the recommendation of Core staff regardless of data quality.

  • The user is financially responsible for the cost of the generation of all libraries even if they do not choose to sequence the libraries.

  • The user is responsible for the cost of any sorter runs or sample preparation performed upstream of a 10x Genomics even if they decide to abort the experiment.

Other Core Policies

  • Core will store libraries (including any intermediate libraries such as cDNA or VDJ enriched libraries) and unprocessed samples for 1 year after the date of the experiment. 

  • Data is hosted on CSHL computer cluster, and will be available at the link provided to the User upon completion of the project.

    • Instructions for accessing data from the Single Cell Biology Core will be delivered with your data

    • Raw sequencing data will be available on NGS facility servers for 2 months.

    • Raw sequencing data will be archived periodically to deep-storage, which requires a small fee to access. Users are encouraged to download their raw data for archival purposes

  • Office hours for computational help​

    • For analysis help beyond the preliminary deliverables (basic quality control, removal of low quality cells, and packaging of essential data files), please reach to one of the Core members via email with your questions and requests. For more in-depth and larger analysis requests, a quote may be discussed as well. 

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